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Our Business Supporters

A big thank you goes out to our supporting businesses!

Our local businesses are amazing! Their support means that we can provide free maps to you and everyone in the area.  We encourage you to support them. They provide snowmobile riders with conveniences such as food, gas, lodging, service for your sled, towing, and anything else you may need or want when you are in the Katahdin Area. Browse through our supporting business member directory below to find what you'll need when you plan your adventures. We wouldn't be here without them! And make sure to thank them for supporting the map and our clubs! If you click on the picture, a new window will open and bring you to their website or facebook page.

The background colors are the same as they are on the map. And the corresponding numbers are where they are located.

Red = Gas & Food

Green = Meals & Food

Blue = Lodging

Blue & Green = Food & Lodging

Yellow = Services

Our Supporters

1 - Taylor's Citgo

Taylor's Citgo BCAD Red.png

3 - Skinner's Wilderness Variety

Wilderness Variety BCAD Red.png

5 - Lennie's Superette

Lennie's Superette  BCAD Red.png

7 - Winn General Store

Winn General Store BCAD Green.png

9 - Shin Pond Pub

Shin Pond Pub BCAD .png

11 - Fro Dough Pizza &  Bake Shop

Fro Dough Pizza & Bake Shop BCAD Green.png

13 - 83 North Bar & Grill

83 North Bar & Grill BCAD Green.png

15 - Jerry's Foodstore

Jerry's Foodstore BCAD Green.png

17 - The Slice Restaurant & Hook Lounge

The Slice Restaurant BCAD Blue & Green.png

19 - Wildwoods Trailside Cabins & Restaurant

Wildwoods BCAD Blue Green.png

21 - Birch Point Campground & Restaurant

Birch Point Campground BCAD Green  Blue.png

23 - Katahdin Crossing

Katahdin Crossing BCAD Blue.png

25 - Libby's Lodge & Canty's

Libby's Lodge & Canty's BCAD Blue.png

27 - Baxters Place

Baxters Place BCAD Blue.png

29 - 5 Lakes Lodge Bed & Breakfast

5 Lakes Lodge BCAD Blue.png

31 - North Country Lodge

North Country Lodge BCAD Blue.png

33 - Katahdin Inn & Suites

Katahdin Inn & Suites BCAD Blue.png

35 - Northern Star Lodge

Northern Star Lodge BCAD Blue.png

37 - Hayes Wrecker Service

Hayes Wrecker Service BCAD Yellow.png

39 - R.C. Logging Supplies

RC Logging Supplies BCAD Yellow.png

41 - Taylor's Two Rivers Canoe & Tackle

Taylor's Two Rivers Canoe & Tackle BCAD Yellow.png

43 - Richardson's Hardware & Napa Auto

Richardson's Hardware BCAD Yellow.png

45 - TBC Excavation

TBC Excavation BCAD Yellow.png

47 - AJ's Recreational Rentals LLC

AJ's Recreational Rentals BCAD Yellow.png

49 - McDonald Property Maintenance LLC

McDonald Property Maintenance BCAD Yellow.png

51 - Motorsports Doctor

MotorSports Doctor BCAD Yellow.png

53 - Wild Women Adventures

Wild Women Adventures BCAD Yellow.png

55 - Select Designs & Embroidery

Select Designs BCAD Yellow.png

57 - Budz Emporium

Budz Emporium BCAD Yellow.png

The Rusty Crab

The Rusty Crab BCAD Yellow.png

AzureBella Jewelry

Azure Bella Jewelry BCAD Yellow.png

Pro 411 Consulting

Pro 411 Consulting BCAD Yellow.png

Houlton Powersports & RV Center

Houlton Power Sports BCAD Yellow.png

Go Northeast Snowmobiling

Go Northeast Snowmobiling BCAD Yellow.png

Maine Motorsports Adventures

Maine Motorsports Adventures BCAD Yellow.png

2 - Big Apple C.N. Brown

CN Brown - Big Apple BCAD Red.png

4 - Katahdin General Store

Katahdin General Store BCAD Red.png

6 - K&C Quik Stop & Service Center

K & C Quik Stop and Service Center BCAD Red  Green.png

8 - Scootic In Restaurant

Scootic In Restaurant BCAD Green.png

10 - Sherman Thriftway

Sherman ThriftWay BCAD Green.png

12 - Sawmill Bar & Grill

Sawmill Bar & Grill BCAD Green.png

14 - Debbie's Deli & Pizza

Debbie's Deli & Pizza BCAD Green.png

16 - GrandBelly's Country Cafe

GrandBelly's Country Cafe BCAD Green.png

18 - Shin Pond Village

Shin Pond Village BCAD BlueGreen.png

20 - Rivers Edge Motel

Rivers Edge Motel & Pizza BCAD Blue.png

22 - Buckhorn Camps

Buckhorn Camps BCAD Blue.png

24 - Opera House Inn & Lounge

Opera House BCAD BlueGreen.png

26 - Katahdin Lodge

Katahdin Lodge BCAD Blue.png

28 - Katahdin Comfort

Katahdin Comfort BCAD Blue.png

30 - Taylor's Katahdin View Camps

Taylor's Katahdin View Camps BCAD Blue

32 - Katahdin Valley Motel

Katahdin Valley Motel BCAD Blue.png

34 - Vacationland Estates Resort

Vacationland Estates BCAD Blue.png

36 - Jeff Brooks Septic System Design

Jeff Brooks Septic System Design BCAD Yellow.png

38 - CVF Services

CVF Services BCAD Yellow.png

40 - F.A. Peabody Insurance

FA Peabody BCAD Yellow.png

42 - North Woods Real Estate

North Woods Real Estate BCAD Yellow.png

44 - Brooks Equipment Sales & Service

Brooks Equipment BCAD Yellow.png

46 - Gould Mountain Maple Products

Gould Mountain Maple BCAD Yellow.png

48 - Just Baked

Just Baked BCAD Yellow .png

50 - Katahdin Trust

Katahdin Trust BCAD Yellow.png

52 - Lincoln Powersports

Lincoln Powersports BCAD Yellow.png

54 - Cedar Valley Recreational Land

Cedar Valley BCAD Yellow.png

56 - Maine Smoke Shop

Maine Smoke Shop BCAD Yellow .png

First Choice Real Estate

First Choice Real Estate BCAD Yellow.png

Original Sherman Cookers

Original Sherman Cookers BCAD Yellow.png

Bradeen Electric & Generators

Bradeen Electric & Generators BCAD Yellow.png

RM Precision Machine Co.

RM Precision Machine BCAD Yellow.png

Mountain Grooming Equipment

Mountain Grooming Equipment BCAD Yellow.png

Ivey's Motor Lodge & Bistro

Ivey's Motor Lodge BCAD Yellow.png

Allagash Headwaters Snowmobile Club

Allagash Headwaters Lodge BCAD Blue.png
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